Rip Parker
2 min readJun 10, 2024

Let me not become part of this world, to be in but not of it.

Am I already part of it? I chose The Truth Endeavor.

Can we believe anything we are told?

Can we believe ourselves?

Do we lie to ourselves ?

How often must we do so before we come to believe the lie?

The best liar convinces himself he speaks truth.

Our government lies. People, corporations

trying to sell us something lie. Politics and religions lie.

I do not engage in the false equivalence. That is just another lie.

Is truth ever spoken? If not, why not?

Do we fear the Truth? If so, why?

Can we summon the courage to speak Truth?

Are we capable of speaking Truth?

Miming Jack Nicholson, “Can we handle the Truth”?

Do we want the Truth?

What will we give to know the Truth?

It takes great courage to know and speak the Truth.

Initially Truth can hurt, but in the long run it pays off .

As consciousness shifts to a higher gear, we will be compelled to know and speak Truth, or fail.

Who will join me in the Truth Endeavor?



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics