Rip Parker
6 min readAug 24

This is not an invitation to ego tripping, but rather this is an invitation to self recognition and acceptance. I offer us no excuse for pride, but rather I offer an opportunity to humbly accept our overwhelming truth, and invite us all to live our magical power.

It takes courage to admit we have great power to create and destroy.

How can I “admit, accept, and live our magical truth”?Some are, and should be, fearful of the possibility of having great power to know and change the world. We know we generally cannot be trusted with great power.

Really? I “… know (I) cannot be trusted with great power?” How do you know what I know? In this case, it is pretty easy for the author to claim to know himself about whom he writes. Maybe I do or do not have adequate knowledge of myself to see a magical power in me, and to not be overcome with hubris.

But, I know I do not know myself well enough to trust myself with great power of any sort in the absence of a reliable guide. Fortunately I have that guide. I did not chose him. He chose me, for unknown reasons.

— — —

What makes me think I know we have the power to magically change our selves and our environment?

My knowing is more than accepting the opinions of others. It is more than hope or longing. My knowing results from 86 years on this planet as Rip Parker. Age in itself does not provide enlightenment, but it may allow time to learn.

Close, honest examination of my life, my thoughts, my feelings and actions reveals a mixed life, one of contradictions and regrettable actions, but also one blessed with great good fortune, including clearly observable events that cannot be explained by our current science.

Through out my long life, I have never been able to honestly accept the concept of my being a wise and magically talented man.

But, now in later life, in the review of my life, I cannot help but see innumerable times when I have been saved from injury, death or total ruin by forces that just happen to me, not resulting from any personal action or merit, as if by “magic”.

Real, powerful, observable magic exists all around us, but contrary to modern belief, magic is not supernatural. It is a most natural, unearned blessing.

— — —

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics