Rip Parker
2 min readMay 1


Let gratitude replace pride.

To be a good man, avoid being a bad man.

Bad men leave things worse than they found them. Good men leave things better than they found them.

The label of good or bad depends more on action than attitude.

Inherent “super” talents of ESP track closely to those found in Isaiah and St. Paul as a list of Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit did not wait for Jesus, and does not wait for your belief.

The Life Force equals the Holy Spirit. It permeates everything, including us. Be completely still and feel it. Accept its graceful gifts of health and wisdom.

Feel it or not, it is flowing through us now.

Invited, or not, the Divine is present.

We are one with, but not equal to, the Divine.

Now is the time to look through the emptiness of the material illusion, and join in the Spirit.

Our consciousness is required to expand, like it or not. We call it “The Shift”. It takes time to manifest.

The reality of “The Shift” does not depend upon our recognition. It just is, happening now. We must chose, participate or not.

If you chose not, there is no punishment. There are natural consequences that teach a lesson.

The Divine has no religion (Gandhi). It is not dependent on our belief. It cannot be named, defined or limited in any manner, including institutional theological concepts.

The Divine is beyond conceptualization. It is All, the I Am, and infinitely more.

We search for that we cannot define or conceive, but intuitively we know it is real. This is the Divine within us, recognized or not.

Forgive all, but first forgive yourself.

Come to accept yourself exactly as you are. Then learn to love yourself. Then love others in like manner.

Do not work at “enlightenment”. Simply allow it. It will come.

Always remember, we all are in this together, as One.

All good things can be overdone. Then they are made less than good.

Every statement must be sifted.

Be not quick to either accept or reject. Think. You have choices only you can make.

Surrender to the Devine. If you do not believe in the Devine, it believes in you.

If you have but one prayer, let it be one of thanksgiving. (Meister Eckhart)

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics