Rip Parker
5 min readAug 20, 2023

Why do I need to write about The Shift a fifth time?

I am preoccupied by it. I’ve written about its reality and nature of it all as I increasingly come to see it a little more clearly. It demands further exploration.

I may be trying to instill its reality into my mind. At any rate, The Shift continues to entice and preoccupy my thoughts.

It still sounds a bit like “new age BS”. But, it is not. The Shift is so profound I have difficulty integrating it into my daily thinking, much less reduce it to my limited words.

The Shift brings dramatic change which continues to be difficult to “get my arms around”. Change is necessary for growth, but can feel threatening. Through change, we pass through a threshold into an unknown world.

— — —

Once more, what are the observable indicators of the reality of a significant change in human consciousness regarding reality that is now occurring?What is the evidence that we are being called, or even forced, to discover a radical new perception of our reality?

— — —

First, we are irrevocably required to fully recognize that superior technological non human intelligences of far greater ability than human beings are daily in our environment, and have been throughout our recorded history. How are we to respond to these “alien” intelligences?

This is a BIG DEAL. I have known about the reality of the Phenomenon since I was nine years old, months before Arnold’s sighting of chevron shaped objects skipping through the atmosphere like “saucers skipping on water” over Mt. Adams. Media coined the term “flying saucers” out of this description in June of 1947.

Then, along came the Roswell mystery, which I will not elaborate upon. You know that story, it’s contradictions twists and turns, and the obvious governmental obfuscation.

Now, the government has been forced to appear to take UFO/UAP reality seriously, but it still lies, and fails to openly address what it knows to be true. A life of lies is difficult to escape.

I have seen their lies head on for 76 years. The lying began with the “foo fighters” of the WWII, and even before. The history of these events goes back to our cave dwelling days.

You know all this, but I simply remind myself of the magnitude of this mystery. I can say nothing revelatory about this grand…



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics