Rip Parker
9 min readFeb 12


Physical laws control the physical universe. The speed of light is a fixed law that no physical “thing” can exceed.

To go beyond physical laws, one must become non physical, non material. That is the state of spirit, of Truth. We are essentially non physical beings of eternal spirit. That is our native condition. As has been truthfully said, we are spirits having a human experience.

When we experience our spiritual, non physical nature, we recognize our unity with All, this Universe and all others. Being one with the Universe, we need not “travel” here to “there”. We are already “there”. All we do is focus, change our perspective, utilize our intent and “here” becomes “there”.

This process of becoming what we really are, non material, is not bound by any physical law. The speed of light is irrelevant. By our intent we “move” from earth to the other side of our Milky Way Galaxy or the point of the big bang instantly.

Being in spirit and non material, eternal in nature, at the big bang we are observers, unaffected by the physical events occurring. Being non material, we cannot be affected by physical conditions on any planet, regardless of how hostile those conditions might be to physical life.

In our non material, spiritual reality, this and all Universes are our playground. There are no limits. We are free in the Unity with All That Is.

— — —

When we step out of our physical, material reality and enter our true, native spiritual reality, material reality seems to fall under our control so we may manipulate it at will.

We have seen this accomplished by adepts such as Jeshua and others of Hindu and Taoist traditions, some shamans, and a few in every culture, where they seem able to morph physical reality to their liking (water to wine, walk on water, heal the lame, the leper, raise the dead, and on and on.)

These abilities are foreign to those of us who have not been present to experience them. This sounds like new age woo woo, or science fiction. From the perspective of this observer and participant, these events and powers are far more real than our ordinary experience of material reality in its apparent fixed form.

How we transition temporarily from physical, material appearance to spiritual, non physical reality is for me a mystery that has on very few…

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics