Rip Parker
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The reality of UFO/UAP phenomena (the Phenomenon) presents irrefutable evidence that we humans are being interacted with by non-human intelligence of a high order. The aetiology of the Phenomenon is unknown, a subject of rank speculation, but its reality is certain.

A multitude of credible testimonies reveal experiences of psychic phenomena during and following human encounters with the Phenomenon, such as in the well known abduction events, and even less dramatic encounters of the first through third kind.

Serious study is being given to meta-materials found in the crashed or landed and abandoned spacecraft associated with the Phenomenon. It is speculated that these materials may be influenced by the mental activity of the biologics recovered from these craft.

Mental, psychic influences are endemically associated with the Phenomenon. The psychic occurrences often relate to the spirit world with presentment by deceased relatives or friends. Spiritual involvement in the Phenomenon is common.

The ships themselves seem to present extraordinarily advanced technology probably capable of utilizing gravity to form a sort of space-time bubble facilitating the remarkable maneuverability of these craft, and possible travel over vast spans of space without the limitations of the speed of light.

When we take these two major human events of spiritual involvement and extraordinary technological development and blend them together, we are presented what seems to be not just exciting revelations, but dramatic revelations regarding the consciousness of Homo sapiens.

— — —

Some of us have long anticipated the merger of science and spirituality in their mutual quest to discover Truth.

Both approaches in quest of ultimate Truth have thus far fallen short of their high goals due to ego identification with limited presumed insights thus closing the door to open minded exploration of their chosen subjects.

Perhaps, in our studies of the Phenomenon, we are being compelled to observe and participate in the marriage of technology and spiritual realities. If so, this could be the greatest, most enlightening adventure ever undertaken by Homo sapiens.

This is truly an adventure of discovery. As with all real adventures, there are great unknowns and potential dangers. These conditions are inherent with true adventure.

The possible rewards of this adventure are unimaginable. It is necessary for us to summon our courage and confront the unknown dangers.

We, you and I, are armed and fully prepared to do so. This is our destiny. We have been prepared for this great challenge of discovery through multiple lifetimes together learning all that is required to fully confront this great adventure of revelation.

We truly are honored to embark together on this greatest of all quests. We are united in eternal bonds beyond our current imagination. We, together, contracted to engage in this great spiritual adventure.

We are the very stuff of the Shift in consciousness in which we are engaged to discover baseline Reality.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics