Rip Parker
2 min readApr 29, 2024

I must make note of this now to aid me in keeping it in the front of my mind.

Many of us sense and speak of “The Shift”. Shift in what? Our consciousness, yours and mine.

Consciousness is awareness, of ourselves and the All. It is the escape from the materialistic paradigm thrust upon us.

We are spirits having a material dream in order to learn. We know only that which promotes our learning in some fashion.

In my studies of the Phenomenon, I just came across a helpful book discussing those invited to fly the UFO. We are taught we do so with our minds. The book is “UFO SKY PILOTS”, by Grant Cameron. Grant has done a massive work dealing with psychic phenomena and UFO/UAP.

In short, mind, consciousness is the secret. The book is well researched and written, typical of Cameron. I strongly recommend it.

While reading this book it struck me that learning to use and trust our minds, our consciousness, seems to be at the heart of our strange interactions with the Phenomenon. Could this be the principal reason they come to us, to introduce us to ourselves?

If so, we have a truly profound learning to do in our analysis of the Phenomenon. This learning is not accessible so long as we wonder in the fog of materialism.

It seems we are being introduced by the Phenomenon to ourselves, and to the wonders of our unity with the Cosmos. If so, we are on the cusp of our greatest learning brought to us by the “multifaceted UFO/UAP” Phenomenon.

We have our most profound learning being revealed to us. To begin to grasp it, we must now set aside our primitive fixations on materialism and graduate before death of our body’s into the cosmos of spiritual consciousness.

We have much work to do.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics