Each moment of consciousness is a gift. Savor it, moment by moment

Rip Parker
4 min readMay 17

I had no idea what to title this. As i copied it and moved from personal notes to Medium, it titled itself. Very interesting.

Everything i might say has been said, and better. Let go, let be. Peace.

Newly discovered truth is not new truth. It has all been said. We only need remembering it.

Look at your hand. It is a marvelous piece of equipment on loan for now.

Be content in silence. It is the source of remembering.

Words convey information. They also limit. Great truth is felt, not thought.

What are you feeling now? Odd that feeling must be described in words, and can’t be.

I write these words for myself. They may or may not ask to be repeated to others. I rather doubt it.

I was wrong. As you see, this asked to be published at least for one more to read.

Increasingly i am an intellectual hermit. This is good. It allows silence.

It allows me to feel what i cannot tell. The little “i” used for “I” is automatic, and appropriate.

Somehow silence whispers “Love”, as a passing breeze in my soul.

As i write, i wonder if others would appreciate it. Does it make any difference? It could, if it serves another. Is there risk publishing my personal thoughts? No. What would be risked? Rejection? Self image? So what.

You write for yourself anyway. It is good to express these thoughts, even in words, for how else do i “express”.

I just wondered, if this were published, what could it be titled? “Stuff”? Since preparing to publish you see it self-titled.

I wonder, what is worth saying? And, why? Anything that might carry even a slight benefit for one more person. Since we abstractly are told, and occasionally glimpse, that we are “One”, that would imply there may be one more on the cusp of remembering what is said here, and is reminded by these words.

Of course, i am rationalizing an excuse to publish, hinting to myself i might have something of the slightest value to share. That hint gives me a sense of purpose, which i think we all seek, and all have sought so long as we are we.

My purpose seems ephemeral, glimpsed and fading, playing “hide and go seek” with ego awareness. So it is.

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics