Rip Parker
2 min readMar 15


Algorithms are built on past thoughts, opinions and actions as perceived by a machine. They feed us information based on perceptions of probable current thoughts, opinions and actions. Only these options are presented to us. If we follow the lead of the mind control efforts of the machine, we are trapped in the past. New exploration is preempted. Changes of mind and attitude are verboten. Creativity is opposed.

Every time we go to the Net for answers to questions, to buy products, etc. we are given only what the algo applicable to us, controlled by opinions of a computer, considers we are probable to seek. The vast world of new thought is sealed off from us.

I risk over reaction by automatically rejecting any answer or suggestion I see to be an algo action. I have learned how to through them the curve ball. It can be entertaining. Provide information that is 180 out of character. Jerk them around so the conflicting info they access only confuses them, and they short out attempting to figure out who the hell I am. It is really fun.

For sites that are accustomed to my having opinions regarding paranormal subjects, I feed them the absolute opposite of my real inclinations as expressed in the past. The result is often hilarious.

I must be sure I’m interacting with the machine, and not a real human. There are easy ways to check that out by being innovative. Many of you have become quit good at spotting AI responses to your articles on Medium.

I tend to take a light hearted approach toward this subject, but it has a very serious side. As the AI verbal exchange is enhanced in the “Chat” programs, and “deep fake” becomes more polished, we face the probability of confidently accessing reality, truth, to be much more of a guessing game. Dealing with important matters, this obviously can quickly become dangerous.

Caution: we also must not slip into paranoia. We are dancing on a high rope with no safety nets. The best protection for us is dialogue with others facing the same concerns, others in whom we have gained confidence in their calm, good judgement.

There is safety in numbers of people who have gotten to know and respect one another. We all must keep an open mind, and not guard our opinions to closely, while keeping our integrity. We dance on the same rope.

Yes, a thrilling tight rope.

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics