Rip Parker
2 min readApr 24


Just a little earlier this afternoon I wrote a bit about guilt. Sitting here in my little home fronting on Aransas Bay, in Rockport, Texas, looking out across the calm, sunny bay, eating a boiled egg, listening to music (Michael Buble’ just sang “Feeling Good”, and I am).

Then suddenly, out of somewhere, I feel a flyby of guilt. Why? What in God’s name is my excuse this time?Because when I’m feeling good I want to share it. I can’t really do that, so, guess what. I feel guilty about feeling good.

Damn. Does this mean I’m a lunatic? No, just sort of looney.

I think in that last piece I may have stumbled onto something — karmic guilt.

Not necessarily not that metaphysical, it may just be my nature, for unknown reasons, but I felt I had this experience for a reason, and need to share it with my friends.

In times past, I probably would have let the guilt haunt me, stop feeling good, and have a downer. No more! I do not allow that spook to take charge of me. It can go to Hell where there are plenty of good targets for guilt.

Just teasing. I don’t believe in eternal hell, only the hell we create for ourselves in this human experience.

I wonder, do others feel guilty about feeling good? That sounds nuts, but it is real. I am attending to that nonsense now.

Carry on, and tell the guilt spook to take off. It’s done its job. That’s what I’m doing as I type.

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics