Rip Parker
4 min readSep 13, 2022


I generally deal with material reality. Non material reality generally deals with me.

The interface between these two basic realities now invites us as never before to step into the the threshold, placing one foot ahead into the new to be experienced territory ofnon material reality), while leaving the other foot in the familiar territory of material reality.

Thresholds are normally passage gates from one reality to another. In this instance, the wondrous liminal nature of the passage requires that we experience the difficult task of remaining in the threshold to experience both realities simultaneously in order to learn the necessary interaction between the two.

Material and non material reality seem mutually exclusive, but they are in fact mutually dependent. Material existence in which we live our daily lives depends upon the implicate non material reality for its explicate existence.

Non material reality depends upon material reality to provide manifestation in which it can experience its dual nature for full and authentic self, being both material and non material simultaneously.

This is a difficult philosophic concept to grasp, being as oriented to material reality as we are, thinking it to be the only reality. Non material reality seems unreal, an ephemeral cloud of hallucination.

If one is more “real” than the other it seems to me the infinite nature of non material reality must take precidance because it is timelessness, whereas material reality is temporary, serving its purpose in a moment of the Eternal Now and wholly dependent upon it’s non material parent for existence.

A good example of the interaction between the two realities is the alien abduction experience. John Mack, in his book, “Passport to the Cosmos”, makes clear that for the experiencer the event is totally real, although it may have non material aspects, such as the physical body remaining in bed while the experiencer knows he/she is somewhere else, perhaps delivered to that location by being levitated through walls or other apparently material obsticles.

Occasionally the experiencer returns with apparent implants of an indeterminate nature, but seemingly materially real retrieved by surgery. On occasion, even though their body was seen by others in their bed during the entire even, they demonstrate physical changes such as rashes…

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics