Rip Parker
8 min readSep 21, 2022


Why it has taken me this long to buy and read Dr. John Mack’s book, “Passport to the Cosmos”, I don’t know. Before this book, I knew nothing really about him or his work, or his subject of alien abductions, I only knew of the subject by title, but not the great depth.

I have never appreciated the truth, reality, and meaning in these events. I looked at them with skepticism, superficially. Now, I see the great importance these studies carry for us all.

A central element of the abduction stories is the hybrid program where it seems that the aliens are using humans to create “hybrids”, a combination of alien and human DNA. There is a great deal of speculation regarding the literal, materialistic component in this very strange issue.

It is said that many aliens can no longer reproduce their own kind. The biological capability or different species being able to reproduce together is highly questionable, immediately inclining me toward great skepticism regarding any material or literal interpretation of this supposed “program”.

On the other hand, there may be great importance in a possible metaphorical, non material reality contained in this strange story of the alien “project”. These experiences carry great meaning for the participants. Emotions run deeply. They must be taken seriously, but not necessarily literally.

So, where do we go with such a strange story that carries such great meaning for those chosen to participate?

The elaborations on the theme present a possibility of a literal nature in our material world in these stories where the alien plan would be to perpetuate their genetic line through interbreeding with humans, and prepare a race that can inherit the earth when we have destroyed humanity as it now exists.

On the face of it, this sounds to me like wild speculation, science fiction.

Many researchers take this idea seriously. I have serious doubts about the truth literal of this strangeness. I see the real meaning of the hybrid project to possibly carry important metaphorical truth that we should study.

Throughout Mack’s exploration of abductees experiences, in his heroic attempts to prevent his personal interpretation from interfering with his efforts to gather and objectively report the facts from the perspective of the experiencers, he continuously is confronted with the duel between materialistic reality and…

Rip Parker

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