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How do we deal with materialism? How do we get to its essence? By studying its science — physics. What does physics reveal about the nature of the “material, physical universe”?

Ready for the bottom line? Physics reveals that what we consider to be solid, material, physical “stuff”, including you and me, is literally nothing, empty, void of tangible substance.

Say what? Hit that wall with your fist, and then tell me it is “nothing, an empty void, and so is your fist, and the nerves in your brain that say ‘ouch’, and even your brain.No thing”.

This is the Grand Illusion. The “stuff” is not out there. It is in our heads. How do I know? Physics has plumed the depths of “matter”.

Atoms and their electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, etc. are all composed by smaller and smaller “events”, not particles, although for convenience sake we can treat these events as if they were particles, up to a point.

Science has found right down to the Quantum Void that “particles keep getting smaller and smaller, until they are theorized to be composed of energy strings, nothing but energy in the tiniest accumulations, far beyond the capacity of electron microscopes to image.

There is far more space than energy events in our most basic constructs. When “splitting the atom”, we are dealing solely with splitting energy packets, or events. Thus we start energy chain reactions, and blow ourselves up. Well, not quite — yet.

So, our scientists that treat reality as being material substance are playing a game that even they know is false, yet it seems to work.

Treating space and energy as if it were substantial material allows us to manipulate the nothingness of pseudo matter in ways that seem real to us. It seems to serve our purposes.

All through this game, the players, if they are honest, must know they are playing a game of “what if” that they know is not legitimate.

The substance of you, me, and every “thing” in this universe is energy only. There is no matter, only the illusion of matter.

Quantum physicists made the breakthrough into this reality. In doing so, they discovered that mind influences the elemental energies to act like particles of “stuff” or waves of energy. Material science says an event can’t be both particle and energy at once. All events, they say, must be one or…



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