Rip Parker
3 min readFeb 15, 2024

(Previously titled “Reflections of Reflections, Echoes of Echoes”. This is a more descriptive title)


Hindu tradition calls life Maya, a dream, an illusion that upon awakening, escaping the dream, is seen for what it was. One may awaken before death of the body.

Reality cannot be captured in rational concepts expressed in words, which can only hint at its truth. We can only recognize and accept the dreamlike nature of life. It is Maya.

Reality beyond life’s Maya is fully known only through experience energized by feeling, inexpressible in our words.

Reality can be nonverbally shared between knowing people through telepathic exchange of feeling, the mind to mind sharing of our lives.

Again, life is real, just not the greatest reality.

— — —

What does this mean for us? Is there practical benefit in our consideration of these views of “reality”?

I suggest we are better prepared to deal with this life’s dream when we recognize its dream nature. This is a difficult process for those of us living in Maya. It is a fundamental element of our awakening to greater consciousness, higher reality.

This life dream can appear to be heaven and/or hell. We must live it out, but when we fully grasp the dream nature of hell, its temporary and illusory nature, we walk through it more comfortably, and learn its lessons with greater ease. This is good.

We still suffer in the hellishness of our Mays. Suffering, great discomfort brings us the lesson we are here to learn. Our heavenly experience is an equally important teacher for us.

The lessons each of us must learn are individual and cannot be taught in words by another. They are not all exactly the same.

Death is often seen as suffering, but upon awakening we discover its illusory nature and its lessons. We live on. Death is Maya, a vital part of our dream. It is real, but not the final reality.

Our final reality is that we are eternal beings that never die. In order for us to learn death’s lessons, we usually must forget for a time its illusory nature.

As consciousness shifts upward, reality comes into greater focus. It seems to some of us that for many of us consciousness is shifting downward…



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics