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At my home overlooking Aransas Bay, Rockport, Texas, having arrived yesterday, I have found myself ill at ease, floating just above a depressed state.

I, like most of us, have my ups and downs, but the downs have of late tended to dominate. I have attributed these emotional swings to simply reading too much “news” about politics, our societal zeitgeist, war, and our climate crisis.

I now see these emotional swings as that analysis, but also something much more.

— — —

As is often the case at this point I am unsure whether this writing will be published. This may be simply self analysis, to remain private. I have not even titled these notes.

I suspicion others may be having similar experiences, thus the possibility, if a title arises, I may publish.

So, what more than our depressing news contributes to this downward swing?

— — —

I am moved to write because I just reviewed a discussion regarding Jung’s experiences with the paranormal, with which, following 45 years of study, I am quite familiar.

But I have allowed the dramatic impact of his experiences to slip too deeply into my unconscious mind. They are now refreshed, and have regained their energy in my psyche.

I have personally experienced very similar events, and absent regular review, the very strangeness of paranormal experience tends to want to sink those experiences below my conscious awareness.

Now, renewed, I am acutely aware of the immediate presence of that mystery which stimulates occurrence of paranormal engagement.

That mystery reminds me it never goes away. I am the one who allows his consciousness of the mystery to fade. I am the one who “goes away”.

For those who are unfamiliar with my thinking, I consider “paranormal” to be quite normal, just not yet understood. The journey toward understanding is a great adventure.

Remembering my dramatic experiences with paranormal, renewing that awareness and conviction, brings rays of hope which buoys me up emotionally.

I am reminded of the mystery and magic of my life, and your life. One cannot have acute awareness of the presence of magical promise, and remain depressed. Our unity with one another and with the Universe is energized.

Every moment is one of promise. Every negative thought carries a lesson. The lesson is for my benefit, not a cause for a downer.

I consider my current mood vs. the downer mentioned above. This is a considerable swing into an energetic, hopeful mood that I hope to maintain as consistently as possible.

— — —

I have found it generally a mistake to attempt to share my most profound, synchronistic experiences with others.

They, you, have no foundation to support my personal experiences, and they being so unbelievable, those events most dramatic in revealing the magic of life to me understandably meet with doubts.

Having one’s dramatic, life changing experience met with doubt, understandable though that doubt be, tends to dull the impact of the experience.

Referring generally to the nature of those experiences, they go well beyond our typical ESP occasional experiences. I speak of the morphing of material reality (locked closed doors opening, remaining locked, and all typical explanations checked and ruled out).

Teleportation of objects, materialization and dematerialization, events with no scientific explanation have occurred on rare occasions, always unexpected, coming as great surprise and even personal doubt until carefully analyzed and accepted as real.

For the record, I am, among other things, a scientist, a geophysicist and geologist, a student of quantum physics. I tend to approach life with an open minded scientific attitude.

The scientist in me has often been slapped around by my attending ignorance, unable to reduce certain occurrences to comfortable scientific categories.

Then comes my second personality, the metaphysician. Having studied Dr. Carl Jung’s Collected Works for 45 years, my mind has been opened to the great and wonderful mysteries out of which we arise, and in which we swim.

I enjoy science, and am greatly annoyed by the closed minds of so many “scientists” who have forgotten the principals of open minded scientific research, in search for what we do not know, rather than identifying with certain scientific opinions and refusing to challenge them. That is NOT science.

Jung and Linus Pauli demonstrated for me the best marriage of Analytical Psychology and Quantum Physics. They each learned from the other, and resolved many opportunities for conflict.

This relationship was aided by Pauli’s personal experience with the “paranormal”, which both he and Jung recognized as simply normal not yet understood, but undeniably real.

Our society, with its vast lack of appreciation for mystery and magic has programmed us to be less than comfortable with confronting and accepting that reality.

Also, our dominant religions tend to oppose this reality which directly connects us with what we label God, Source, The I Am, the Devine, and thus makes dependence upon church doctrine not only unnecessary, but also a significant impediment to our expansion of consciousness.

I recognize the important role religion can carry for some people, and do not disparage that role, except I must make room for those of us who must move on into our direct contact and interaction with Source.

I will not dive into theology, but I have studied the Masters closely, and found their common root which is in accord with encouragement according to the last paragraph.

“The Perineal Phylosophy”, by Aldous Huxley, looks objectively toward the common root of religions, even making the case for Pagan concepts. Pagan does not mean degenerate or atheistic beliefs. Just the opposite.

For most of us influenced by religion, Jesus called Christ stands at the center. The church has purposely distorted his teachings in the attempt to make all people subject to church theologies.

They attempt to ignore the teaching of Jesus that clearly seeks to remind us of our direct connections with the Father/Mother, the I Am. The church does so in an attempt to perpetuate its own power.

Upps, I done gone preachin’ again. Apologies. I’m through.

As a matter of fact, I may be really through with this exploration. I’ll reread it, see if a title comes to mind, and whether or not it is publishable.

Thanks to those of you having read this far. All comments are welcomed, even, perhaps especially, those with disagreements. I am a project in progress.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics