Rip Parker
5 min readJun 7, 2022


As have so many other of our Medium investigators, I have followed the Skinwalker Ranch developments for years, and it just keeps getting more interesting, as in mind stretching!

I found myself thinking, for no particular reason I know of, about the fascinating “hitchhiker” effect that has become prominently known about the Ranch. One of the first and most interesting stories has to do with several federal intelligence agents who visited the ranch and were followed home by the hitchhikers paranormal harassment. Well documented.

Many others who spent as much as one night there discovered all manner of paranormal events once they got home. This is all too well documented to be doubted. Poltergeist activity, big wolves on two legs, strange lights and sounds, shadow people, etc.

What got my attention tonight was the several times when those at home encountering these phenomena would call out to the Ranch, and there would be simultaneous activity going on there. This happened a number of times, enough for the lead scientist to conclude these were not coincidences. There was a connection between events thousands of miles apart.

Let’s think about this. What do we have to learn about this beyond the reality of paranormal “infections”.

What it is showing me is that the lessons of the Ranch extend to all of us. I see the Ranch as a place of learning for us about the nature of our reality and not just Ranch reality. The hitchhiker events seem to indicate a broad field of connections revealing that time and space are malleable when dealing with the “other”, the place where paranormal is normal.

Our built in, for good reason, understanding of time as linear, past, present, future seems more and more to be a human conceit to help us make sense of this “real dream” we are here to live. Einstein, in discussing his understanding of the “eternal now” made clear he knew that time is not linear and consists only of one moment of “Now” which is merged into space.

He said that for us to function as intended in this world, we had to accept a scientifically false concept of time flowing past to future else “…everything would happen at once, and our brains are not designed to deal with that reality”. Thus it came naturally for Albert to see the single fabric of space/time, not two different dimensions, but only one fabric of two natures, but wholly knitted…



Rip Parker

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