Rip Parker
4 min readApr 29

Anthropology reveals a history of humans continuously intuiting a sense of possessing an inherited special nature of promise, an expectation of unique ability to express virtual supernatural talents.

As a result of this intuition every few generations experience a “shift” in the zeitgeist wherein they have a conviction that their’s is the generation destined to achieve the anticipated breakout of human potential wherein the “superhuman” is manifested with talents and abilities seeming to be near god-like.

They either believe that, or that Jesus will arrive momentarily, or that the earth will end.

— — —

Among these “super” talents is the full spectrum of extrasensory abilities, closely tracking St. Paul’s list of “gifts of the spirit”which includes “wisdom, knowledge, power to work miracles, healing and prophecy”.

It seems to me these gifts parallel ESP clairvoyance, and clairaudience (knowledge), psychokinesis (healing), and precognition (prophecy).

ESP has been validated numerous times in studies at Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Harvard and The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The famous Stanford Remote Viewing program, utilizing clairvoyance, was implemented by the Pentagon in its Stargate Program.

ESP is the essence of “superpowers”. It is real, and is recognized as an inherent ability in all people, activated in some, awaiting activation in others, often at work at an unconscious level in most of us.

These talents have been with us throughout recorded history, worldwide, especially found in India. Aboriginal (native cultures, not limited to Australia) consider these abilities to be cultural givens, routine, common, consistent, reliable and of great benefit.

It is suggested that these talents were common to all primitive peoples who depended upon them for survival. When the left brain began producing technological instruments, people became less dependent on ESP for survival, and it gradually receded into the unconscious mind, but never fully went away.

Now ESP seems to be resurfacing in more people and getting much more attention in science and society. This is one element of many in the Shift so many of us sense is occurring.

The question is, is this “Shift” a new phenomenon or simply our generations version of the sense of special calling so often experienced before as discussed above?

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics