Rip Parker
5 min readDec 9, 2021


We have two brains in our skulls, and other “brains” in our body. The two brains in our heads, Left and Right brains, each have specialized functions, a small amount which overlaps each brain.

The primary information processing in the Left Brain is rational and logical. These abilities have produced remarkable benefits to us. Our scientific and technological production is truly remarkable in the practical benefits they have produced. We tend to take these achievements for granted as we sit under our lights in our air conditioned homes, offices, and cars.

As we look around us, all our material world is largely a product of the functions of our Left Brain. Those who take all this for granted and yet demean or deny the benefits of the scientific method are are not rational.

When sciences produces information through that our emotions or belief systems don’t like, the scientific method is criticized and denied.

— — —

The Right Brain has very different methods of producing very different but extremely vital information. Due to our emphasis on utilizing the benefits of the Left Brain, we tend to consider only the information it provides and fail to allow our attention to focus on the strange and wondrous information available only through the Right Brain.

In our Left Brain addiction, we have become half witted.

Willingness to seek and process Right Brain information has over the last few centuries reduced to near zero for the typical Western mind. We label it as impractical foolishness and consciously pay it little to no attention.

The wondrous information available through the Right Brain has primarily to do with the nonlogical, not illogical or irrational, information that largely falls under a title of “spiritual”. Therefore, this information is demeaningly labeled “woo woo”, superstitious, “new age” foolishness by those who worship logic and reason.

In truth, the most vital information for the development of the whole person is provided through the Right Brain. Note, not provided by as if produced by the Right Brain, but provided through it as a receiver for the most profound information we can access regarding our true reality.

This information is given to us, if we will attend to it, by the Great Mind that is responsible for all that…

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics