Rip Parker
8 min readMar 17, 2022


Quantum influence: as I ponder how to start talking about the Quantum I remember there is so much data it is difficult to begin a meaningful commentary without getting too deep, too fast, and for too long.

Quantum is said to be the most reliable branch of science, consistently performing as expected, yet it is also the most mysterious since it functions well outside of ordinary scientific understanding.

I assume that most folks who read this, if any, will have enough understanding of the Quantum to appreciate the truth spoken by one of the most recognized authorities on Quantum Physics, Richard Feynman, who said, “Anyone who thinks he understands Quantum knows nothing about it”.

To begin to deal with, if not grasp, the strangeness of Quantum, we must allow ourselves to look beyond “common sense” and what can be reasonably understood. Newtonian physics fits that bill and remains accurate for the limited application it has. Quantum does not replace Newton or Einstein and his Relativity. It merely supplements, all the way out to the limits of this and any other universe.

Hold it. That is too presumptious. There may be other universes that function on an entirely different system of physics than that governing this universe we call home. I’m not speculating further about a speculation, i.e., “other universes” are speculative.This universe contains enough mystery to occupy us for a long time to come.

Isaac and Albert simply deal with the universe in limited context, although Albert carried that through the universe in it’s entirety, but Newton and Einstein, although having some differences with the considerable list of original explorers of Quantum, our modern mystics as I like to call them, still sought the reconciliation of the areas of apparent conflict between the Quantum and their physics.

For me, David Bohm speaks most elequantly about our “Wholeness and the Implicate Order”. Einstein exemplified Bohm as the man who was “…like a son, who will carry my work forward from where it is to where it is going”. (This is a bit of paraphrase, but it is accurate).

Einstein devoted the last 20 years of his work in his attempt to reconcile Quantum and Relativity. He was particularly disturbed by the fact Quantum deals with probabilities…

Rip Parker

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