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I’ve heard, “Think positively”, in many different ways for a long time, but never gave it much “thought”. Now, I am seeing this idea differently.

I grow a little weary of the overuse of “quantum” by people who seem to have no clue what they are talking about. It has become a meme for “new age” spirituality.

I have studied quantum physics since college when a bright engineering student told me how it completely blew his mind.

I was studying geosciences at the time so unfortunately was not exposed to the real teaching re: Quantum Mechanics, which I find to be a peculiar name for a science that has nothing to do with mechanics.

But, I put foot in a rabbit hole.

The point of this essay is to explore the creative impact mind has on our reality. It is awesome.

Quantum physics in its famous double slit experiment demonstrates that the observers mind influences fundamental particles in a dramatic way. The observation determines whether a photon responds as a wave or a particle depending on what the observer looks for.

Unobserved, the photon acts as a wave. Observation “collapses the wave”, and the photon becomes a particle. It actually converts from wave to real particle. Observation determines the reality at the most basic material events.

Traditional physics dictates that an event cannot be both wave and particle at once. It is well proven that the potential to be either wave or particle originally exists until under the influence of mind.

So, at the most fundamental level of our reality, mind is undeniably dispositive of the nature of our reality.

Quantum physics has demonstrated its dependability thousands of times. It is the most reliable science we know.

A science that undeniably demonstrates that mind is fundamental in determining the nature of reality has, of course, attracted the attention of mystics and spiritually oriented people of all sorts.

Science, taking a cue from the Quantum, now roundly speculates that the entire Universe is knit together in a grand exchange of information. Information originates in mind, so the foundation of the Universe is Universal Mind. Science is confronting the concept of God head on.

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Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics