Rip Parker
2 min readNov 3, 2022


I’m a Texan. I like guns. I like to shoot. I DO NOT like to kill.

I have found myself thinking about the S&W 500, the 50 caliber magnum, the most powerful production revolver made, said to be the surest handgun to bring down a charging grizzly. That is power. Why am I so intreiged by that powerful weapon? I don’t have grizzlies walking through my back yard.

I am failing to recognize what real power is.

I have that power without the weapon. Does that mean I think I can point my finger at the bear and bring it down? No. It means, when I surrender to the Source of all power within me, I know how to stay out of the path of the grizzly. Now, that is REAL power.

As long as we recognize the amazing powers available to us when under the control of the Source of all power, we need no instrument of violent destruction.

It is not that simple to surrender to the Source of Life and all Power. It is a spiritual matter.

This does not mean that when an armed enemy does confront us we are to expect the Spirit to disarm him. That is our job, and it make take violence to accomplish it. There are ways to avoid such an enemy, but in our complex world, we cannot play innocent. We must deal with what confronts us.

Yet, knowledge from the Spirit is always the best defense to avoid danger.

Point: real power, real strength is available to us all, when we learn to surrender to our Source. Power and strength do not depend on violence. Real strength and power comes without violence, bloodshed, or death. It comes as Knowledge from the One with whom we are One.

It comes not with an overwhelming show. Nothing for ego to brag about. It comes from within, and is always available in a very stealthy manner. It is exercised without others even knowing it is at work.

The strong man walks quietly through danger without having to lift his fist or weapon. Possible enemies know in their spirits to avoid the quiet man. He carries the power of Knowing, and will not be overwhelmed. His power is the Spirit within him.

When we all, as eventually we will, surrender to the Source, there will be no more war, and we all will be equally powerful — in the Spirit — and peace will prevail.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics