Rip Parker
7 min readApr 30

First question: Is my shadow projecting out my nature upon those I am about to criticize? Could be, but if so, I like the rest of us, don’t see it. You are the judge of that.

The Intellectual Elite are those who believe they are better prepared to handle the truth than the “serfs”, you and me.

Who are they? They are particularly found in our government, and most prominently in the Pentagon. They are convinced, as was the Colonel in “A Few Good Men”, that we, the serfs, “Can’t handle the truth”. (That line was an ad lib by Jack Nicholson).

This is a serious situation. These people, our employees fully believe, they are required to lie to us to protect us from ourselves, when in fact they lie to protect themselves in their positions of power.

Like the “Divine Right of Kings” in pre Magna Carta days, they feel so superior to us, everyone other than them, that they are fully justified in lying to their employers. I know, I’ve said this before, but this is in a different context.

We see this air of superiority particularly concerning the issue of UFO/UAP. But, this attitude expresses itself in numerous ways.

Also specially vulnerable to this arrogance is much of our scientific community. Many of our scientists do not follow the scientific method of keeping an open mind and always challenging what they think they know.

Discoveries, by definition come from outside the current paradigm of presumed knowledge, meaning the true scientist must look beyond what is currently accepted ‘fact’.

Too many of our scientists personally identify with what they have stated as their opinions about truth. They refuse to consider evidence that runs counter to their previous statements regarding “scientific proof”.

We see this attitude throughout all fields of scientific pronouncements, from Egyptian “experts” regarding the history of ancient Egypt to folks like Dr. Shawn Kirkpatrick, speaking for the Pentagon, when he declares, although he knows better, that there are no anomalous sightings that surpass our current knowledge of physics. Shockingly, the eminent Harvard professor, Avi Loeb, supports that position.

They can’t be so ignorant as to believe that. It is a shocking position to take when we, you and I, see the UFO/UAPs performing stunts that clearly defy our current knowledge of physics.

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics