Rip Parker
5 min readNov 20, 2021


Do we fear feeling those deepest emotions that carry us with them to places we have forgotten? Feelings inspired by music, camaraderie, friends gathered together who know they share the deepest truths, who can laugh and cry together, who totally trust each other, none having anything to prove or defend, people who most deeply care about each other.

The deepest emotions are a powerful force. They can be fearsome in their ability to carry us away, we know not where. The best we can do is identify the intrinsic goodness in the loving force, and yield. Some of us resist yielding to anything and anyone. We think it is weakness. In this instance, the courage required to yield is an expression of great strength.

There will be differences of opinion about worldly issues, but everyone’s opinions are tolerated and respected. No one feels a need to correct or change another in any way. They truly respect one another, and each one knows they have much to learn, and their current opinions may need adjustment. Each one trusts these friends to truly care about them, and their suggestions for possible change are intended to meet the mutual best interest.

When together, it is a gathering of love.

When apart, that invisible cord still connects heart to heart, not needing reassurance, although an occasional reminder can be very nice, deeply appreciated, and may come at a time when most needed to aid in the passage through a dark valley.

We all will pass through places of darkness. When in that darkness, it is nice to know you have good company, whether or not physically present.

Presence in spirit is real. It can be immensely powerful. It travels the path of love, through any darkness.

— — —

Disagreements between friends should never lead to anger or refusal to talk together with open minds seeking truth, with willingness to change minds when shown good reason to do so.

These dearest friends may be our family. Such a family is truly blessed, and they know it. These families are too rare. I fear, but do not know, they may be diminishing in numbers.

There is a great deal of experimentation with live-together relationships, much of it sexually driven. This is not all bad, but when sex is the principal force that brings people together, it forms a shaky foundation for lasting relationship.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics