Rip Parker
3 min readJan 13, 2024


I know well a brilliant young man who is highly capable at all he does, is loving toward family, God and friends, honest, and strong of character across the board, yet in the political compartment of his mind he suffers a diminution of critical, logical thinking.

Our minds have compartments which contain data, attitudes, opinions, etc. regarding specific subjects we deal with. The young man of whom I speak is extraordinarily capable and lovable, but one mental compartment was attacked in his youth and captured by irrationality. That is the compartment containing his political understanding.

The attacker, with this protagonist permission, was Rush Limbaugh. As a result of the relentless assault, his “political compartment” is now under the control of the far right wing of politics. Yes, this man I love as my son, and greatly respect, is a proud, (but thankfully in his loving wisdom silent) MAGA.

So powerful is the filter over his political compartment there is no way we can communicate about his brainwashed, closed minded condition.

Am I equally closed minded on our major political issue? I’m afraid so. I see no reason to expect to find a redemptive expectation in the MAGA movement to destroy our Constitutionally based Democratic Republic, and its freedoms protected by Rule of Law applicable equally to ALL.

I literally would die for my son in a flash, yet I cannot communicate on a rational basis with him regarding the clear, certain, absolute consequences of his political belief system.

Frustration does not adequately express my feelings. In our mutual love and respect for one another we simply avoid all political conversation. Neither of us is willing to risk damaging our relationship over something as mundane, distasteful, discomforting, worldly, and out of our control as politics.

Out of our control? Yes. We neither of us can affect the course our national political storm will take. Oh, sure, we have the vote, but our votes simply cancel each other out, so ….

Perhaps he is right, even though I can’t accept any chance that he is, but who am I to say with finality?

What is the point of my writing this? Self therapy, I suppose. I do not plan on publishing it. Why should I?



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics