Rip Parker
6 min readApr 28


One thing seems disgustingly clear to me. Our society is deteriorating into pervasive falsehood. With our full cooperation and participation, lies are kidnapping our culture, our minds, and our souls.

We must draw the Sword of Truth and attack, NOW.

We can, we must, change this condition. We must surrender to Truth, and its source, even when it seems to hurt, for those are often the most important truths.

No, not everyone of us is a pathological liar, even though we all from time to time tell “little lies”.

The pathological liars all seem to be ensconced in positions of power where their sociopathic nature runs roughshod over the rest of us.

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To vent is to put voice to something that troubles you, ie, to complain or whine. I dislike whining, so I restrain my venting as best I can.

Truth sometimes demands to be shouted.

At a turning point in history, a great question was asked; “Truth, what is ‘truth’?”

Some say ‘truth’ is what we want to believe it is. No. That is preference. Truth is what remains after the boiling away of all circumstances. It does not go away.

When ‘truth’ is uncomfortable, many of us attempt to get away from it, to avoid it, or simply to try to change it to something more comfortable. That is when the perception of uncomfortable ‘truth’ becomes a lie.

That is the Great Lie, the one we tell ourselves so we can try to avoid discomfort. When we lie to ourselves often enough, we come to believe the lie is ‘truth’.

When we have come to believe a lie, we become expert liars. We can speak the lie with conviction and believability.

As people in positions of authority, government and leaders of industry, lie to us with conviction, if we want to believe the lie, we do.

If the lie that we expect to make us comfortable, that we accept and perpetuate as if it were truth, makes us uncomfortable, we are conflicted with cognitive dissonance, which is very uncomfortable.

We presume that someone in a position of greater power than we have must somehow be more authoritative than we are and therefore should be believed.

When something we want to believe to be truth turns out to be a lie, it causes us to feel conflicted, so our…

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics