Rip Parker
3 min readJan 6, 2024

Are we humans intelligent enough to create machines that are more intelligent than we are? Yes. Are we sufficiently intelligent to see and appreciate the consequences of this act? Probably not.

If we ask our smart machines that question do they answer honestly, or in a self serving way? How do we know? Can an artificially intelligent machine act in a “self-serving” manner?

Some speculate that if not yet, the time will come when these AI machines gain self awareness, and become self motivated.

Are we in the process of creating that which will make humans antiquated and superfluous, out of date, unnecessary, expendable and disposable?

In our materialistic philosophy, yes. We are creating that which will vastly out perform us in a materialistic world where the highest value is found in material things.

Our scientific and spiritual understandings reveal that all material things are an illusion presented by space containing condensed morphing packets of energy, without solid form, but all expressing the design of a conscious mind infinitely beyond human understanding — the conscious universe.

Linear time is revealed as a human conceit solely in the service of the human limited cognitive construct. We can’t handle everything happening at once.

The final expression of the concept of time is expressed as the Eternal Now, containing simultaneously all that we see as past, present and future which is according to our perception, depending on “the direction we chose to look” in the Now.

According to this view of our reality, the only real and lasting experience is found in what we understand as “spiritual”.

In spiritual experience we discover that we, being timeless, are eternal consciousness unburdened by the material illusion of “matter” as it inexorably deteriorates into chaos, then non-existence through the process of entropy as expressed in the fifth law of thermodynamics.

Entropy applies to closed systems that are not being nourished by the input of energy from outside the system. Entropy is by some applied to the entire universe on its way to self destruction.

Entropy is the final statement of nihilism, hopeless, meaningless defeat. That view fails to allow for the state of conscious mind constantly providing information.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics