Rip Parker
4 min readFeb 24


Many seekers of Truth have through meme adopted a vocabulary which describes speculative concepts that seem to offer hope. We trade concepts that knit together a proposed fabric intended to belay our fears and disgust.

Outsiders see this process as “new age woo woo”, promulgated by impractical soft minds of “liberal” leaning.

In truth, these efforts are much more than outsiders see. We seekers, of whom we see an encouraging number on Medium, search for what is inside us, already working in our lives to inspire life enhancing spiritual growth. We own that which we seek.

As some of us breathe deeply, relax, and let go of our uneasy doubts, let go of our preconceptions, and comfortably admit our state of unknowing, we feel deep within that there is something quite meritorious about us.

We seek to see it, to know it, to put it into words. We hear the meme sing it’s alluring song, and we are drawn into the dance, reading the words conveying the speculative design of the meme of approaching enlightenment.

Our hopes are elevated. We desperately seek to grasp an acceptable concept that proves many of us are now in the process of great evolutionary change, that we are becoming our never before manifested destiny of whole people.

A language begins to develop in our attempts to describe, define, and accept our desired changes.

Fifth Dimension, ascension, enlightenment, higher vibration, increased frequency. We attempt to merge science and psyche, and discover they are already one.

We allow our active imagination to run free, to discover new vistas. In so doing, with frequent encouragement from the meme, we with a certain discomfort, discover we are not sure what is purely imagination, and what has some degree of objective reality.

We become dizzy, on the verge of a tailspin, out of control past the horizon of the black hole of total confusion.

With difficulty, we back away, yet the tug of need and hope for a breakthrough to greater knowing is persistent.

We begin to panic in our confusion, and some chose to attempt to kill the perceived monster of compelling need to KNOW that seems to strong arm us into a bottomless pit of unknowing.

— — —

We remember a fragment of distant words out of the Bible about wrestling with an angel…

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics