Rip Parker
7 min readNov 16, 2021

I am seeing evidence of rapidly spreading serious psychological disruptions in our nation. These mental viruses are nothing new, but now they are escalating into potentially very harmful, even deadly consequences.

Among the symptoms are, in the male population, an increasing focus on attempting to solve all difficulties with violence. We have always had indications of this illness, but now it is taking on more of an institutional context. I speak, of course, about self-identified Republicans, or “conservatives”.

Both these titles are false. There is no authentic Republican political
party. It has been killed by one form of the virus that turned the party into the cult of sedition. They have nothing to do with conservatism as it once existed. Just ask George Will of the Washington Post, one of the relative few remaining true conservatives, but no longer a “Republican”.

The cult is composed of, or supported by, nearly half our nation, roughly 93 M people.

Frightening, right?

The goal they will not admit is the destruction of democracy, and anything that can be called “liberal”, meaning all citizens belonging to the Democratic party. The cult gives no thought regarding, if they are successful, what form of government will replace our imperfect democracy.

There are two probable outcomes: anarchy and dictatorship. Anarchy, if it bursts forth, will soon be replaced by dictatorship. The usual form of dictatorship in this circumstance is one controlled by the military.

The nature of the virus responsible for this revolution is “power at any cost”.

Another form of the virus is what is called “Evangelical Christianity”, supporting the institutional theology which has nothing to do with the title they have coopted, i.e. Christ — not a name, but a title, but identified with the Messiah Jesus (“Christ” in Hebrew language).

The marriage of the Evangelicals and the Cult poses a deadly threat to both the religion intended to be about Jesus, (but is not),as well as threat to the integrity of the nation.

When religious heretics numbering in the many millions join forces with politicians, and people like Flynn preach for “Christianity” to become the official religion of the USA, the deadly danger is manifest.

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics