Rip Parker
5 min readMar 1


Our common discourse indicates we are already “new age”. Fifth Dimension, increase of vibration, ascension, star children, a new evolutionary step up, yada yada.

History demonstrates that every few generations people decide they are the “chosen ones” for the next needed upgrade of Homo sapiens. Seems that is what many of us believe is now occurring when we discuss “The Shift” that so many profess to feel.

Is the Shift fact, or just feel good self importance, an ego trip? Are we so frightened and disgusted by the state of our lying world that we desperately attempt to cause one another to think a near miracle of evolution is knocking on our door, in order to give us a little hope?

Is there any credible evidence in support of this meme?

Yes, I think so.

“Ok, smart ass, what is it?”

Call me neither “smart ass” nor “dumb ass”, although there are times I seem to be both at once.

Ok, here goes.

As a society, we are confronting now, with all the shit coming out of and about Washington DC, and the world in general, the appearance of realities our materialistic society has never before, as a society, confronted.

Individuals have always spoken of what most people now consider “new age woo woo”. They have been generally dismissed as soft minded, irrational dreamers. They have spoken of mystical encounters, paranormal events, “miracles”, dramatic awakenings, cosmic consciousness, etc.

Now, for the first time in the young history of this nation, and even in the older cultures of Europe and Asia, we are confronted with irrefutable evidence of the presence in our environment of an apparently superior intelligence not of this earth. UFO/UAP ARE REAL.

The non-human entities of superior technical and scientific knowledge are here. Only foolishness attempts to deny it. The evidence is overwhelming, beyond a reasonable doubt. We now must face this reality and deal with it.

We also see a dramatically enhanced interest in and recognition of what we call paranormal experience in multiple forms, as seen in the popular History Channel show regarding Skinwalker Ranch.

We have always entertained ourselves with ghost stories, cryptic creature stories, tales about “super people” gifted with the full range of what we call…

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics