Rip Parker
4 min readFeb 4, 2022


I think it a bit odd that there seems to be fear of using the word “God”. On the other hand, “God” has become so burdened by foolishness, superstition, and God knows what all, we can never be sure a listener won’t categorize us as fundamental woo woos if we speak “God this, God that”.

Not that I really care how I’m seen, but in the remote chance I might say something worth hearing, I’d hate to lose that rare opportunity because the word “God” threw someone’s listening switch “off”.

Frankly, I am pleased that since science is broadly and seriously considering the probability that the universe is more than conscious, but is indeed “the Great Mind” that is the source of the universe, and all else. Sounds kind of like an authentic reference to the ineffable “God” who can’t be named or described doesn’t it?

I like this because it marks another step toward the unification of science and spirituality. I’ll never forget the first time I thought, “Since science seeks Truth, and spirituality seeks Truth, if both are true to their course, they must meet at a singularity”. That thought was 57 years ago when the separation was vast.

Now the gap is narrowing. We are coming to a greater realization that the most authentic Quantum scientists are our new mystics, leading the way, behind David Bohm, in the exploration of mind, consciousness, and reality itself.

When Nietzsche said, “God is dead”, it was, I think, a reference to the shallowness of the human mind and spirit as it heaped all the current baggage on the word “God”. The concept of God was deminished to near nothing. But, what some of us think of as God is the eternal All, the “I AM” that IS.

I strongly suspicion that God, the All, the I AM, the Universe, the Great Mind, etc., could care less what they are called (they — One God, wearing the many masks, Joseph Campbell). I will not refer to God as “He” unless that is the current chosen role being played. Same with “Her”. I prefer, though I speak of One, the One who manifests as All, and is not to be named or limited in any way, to speak of as “They”, One which is many.

I wonder why it is that someone who has so little use for preachers must find himself preaching so often. OK, I get it. It’s a Shadow thing! Please pardon my theology spouting Shadow.

Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics