Rip Parker
6 min readMar 20, 2023

I think too much. I create noise in my head. Rational thought can lead to good things, but there is no power in it. With feeling, most especially love, there is true power, power to change the world for the better.

We are creators, and love is our energy to create.

Hate and anger destroy.

When taping into the psychic side of our lives, we have seen the power of great feeling.

Negative feelings generate negative outcomes. The opposite is true with positive feelings. True feelings cannot be faked. They are what they are. When we experience a negative feeling, we must simply recognize it, but never deny it, and then set it free.

We must observe ourselves carefully. We are not to pretend we do not have negative feelings. We do. We must recognize them, observe carefully. From where do they arise? What purpose do they serve? Are they really necessary? Do we chose to keep them or to allow them to dispel?

Positive feelings arises out of our soul. They can have true healing power for the one who feels, and for the one toward which the feeling is directed.

It is said that our primary purpose in this life is to learn self love. Once we accept that we are children of the Cosmos, with a right to be here, and a great purpose to serve, we begin to learn love of self.

Not withstanding the fact that we make mistakes and we are less than apparent perfection, we can begin to see that we are exactly as the Creative Mind has designed us to be, right now.

When we wonder what we are to be, we discover we are to be who we are, warts and all. We are designed to be exactly who we are, right now. We are not to wait for some future perfection, for there is no future. There is only now, and now is perfect, believe it or not.

We are not to work at changing ourselves. We are to accept ourselves exactly for who we are. We then discover that who we are, being free to be as we are, we begin to produce positive events.

Once we accept ourselves for exactly who we are, and are free to simply be, we automatically begin at once producing positive circumstances, healing, happiness, joy, peace, without effort.

We find to our surprise we can actually not just accept ourselves for who we exactly are, we are free to love the person we are.

It is suggested we love others as we love ourselves. If we do not accept ourselves for EXACTLY who we are right now we cannot love ourselves. If we do not love ourselves, how can we fully love others?

It seems a bit ironic many of us have difficulty truly loving ourselves, including your author. I struggle with a sense of inadequacy every day. I carry unfocused guilt.

We carry unnecessary guilt. Some things we think and do deserve a moment of guilt to recognize we do not want that to be us. We feel the guilt, and LET IT GO. We are not to harbor guilt for past deeds.

Once guilt has made its point, it must be dispelled, and not clung to. It is unnecessary to continue to carry guilt when we have recognized the desire to change. Guilt has served its positive purpose. If we grasp guilt and do not set it free, it becomes a negative burden.

We all make mistakes, think and do things we regret. It is necessary to recognize and release them. Things are as they are.

There are things we recognize as unloveable in each of us. Those things do not dominate our character unless we allow them to. There is a seed of good in us all. We are children of the Divine. The Divine us is in us. It is lovable, even when difficult to recognize. It is the only important characteristic of every human.

Every human? Some humans seem so thoroughly negative in every word (lie) and every deed, it is very difficult to find anything of value in them. They seem totally destructive, even evil. What do we do with them? How can we possible love them?

We can despise, dislike, a persons apparent character, words and deeds, without allowing those necessary feelings to go to the actual soul playing the role of the destroyer. That is what they were sent here to do.

If any emotion is to be given to such a person, perhaps it should be pity. We can be sure they are miserable. Their life is between them and God, and is not to be our concern. The words and deeds they speak and do are our concern, but not the status of their souls.

There are humans who chose to ignore, even reject their Divine origin. They nourish the small but demanding part of their ego in place of the Divine. They become narcissistic, which is called “self love”. It is not. It is a false substitute for true love.

True love sees not just the superficial appearance before it, but accepts in depth ALL of the individual as they are. This love does not set itself above others, or quest for self satisfaction to the detriment of others.

With true love of ourselves, it is automatic to love others as we love ourselves because we come to recognize there are no “others”. We truly are One, playing many different roles wearing many different masks, personas.

There are many different performances by one actor, and you and I are that actor.

You are me. I am you. When I love myself, I am loving you. Our love is changing the world into what it is designed to be. We have great power and responsibility.

This is good. We are engaged in our job, and doing it well.

Some will say, “Get real. Just look at the world, its hateful injustice, destruction of innocent lives, pain and horror all around. How can it be said we are doing our job of changing the world into what it is designed to be? The world is a living hell”.

To that understandable and reasonable opinion I can only say we are in the process of doing our job. It is far from done, and all you say is true. This is why we are here, to correct the tragic depth to which we have fallen.

Yes, we are one actor playing many roles, and some of those roles are in conflict. We are in apparent conflict with ourselves. We suffer significant cognitive dissonance.

I’ll not attempt to ferret out how this came about, but it is. I can only assume this is a result of our free will, and it is certainly a way to learn. We are here to learn, and we are learning, painful though it can be, I presume it is necessary according to the Plan of Source.

Do I claim to understand all this? No, I do not. Understanding is an element of thought. I can think myself into total confusion and despair. But following my feelings, I feel the power of love to make all things right.

Love is the adherent that keeps the Universe together. There is no power which can overcome it, although, from our perspective in this eternal now it takes “time”to manifest.

In the eternal now, the world has been made perfect. In our necessary illusion of linear time, perfection is yet to manifest. So, we keep on doing what we do in the knowledge we are doing our job as it should be done.

We must humbly accept our limited ability to understand while we allow feeling, the power of love, to do only what it can do. We give thanks that we are allowed to play the role we play. It is a great joy of learning as we live out our destiny.

I recognize I could not “recognize” feeling and express it to you without thought. Yes, thought is good. Feeling is better.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics