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I risk thinking outloud. — — — -

Do not take it personally. What? Anything.

There is no place for actions calculated to be either heroic or sacrificial. If action is required, and you have the capability, and no one else is taking the necessary action, do it.

It is fine to feel good about your actions, but beware. Pride reduces value.

It is not fine to harbor guilt for failure to act, or for faulty action. Learn from it. Retained guilt is a parasite on the soul. Quickly, get it’s message, then dismiss it.

Regret is recognition of a need to correct prior words or action, if given the opportunity. No opportunity, no responsibility; i.e. “ability to respond”. With your feeling of regret, trust, it will self-correct.

Ego, the sense of personhood, is a necessary tool for functioning in this world. It should not be killed, only set aside, out of control, from time to time.

The Self which ego serves must have control of thoughts and actions. Ironically, Self manifest through ego. Identifying the difference is not simple.

Ego is relentless in seeking credit and control. It’s nature is to feel the conscious conviction that it is all there is to the human. Setting ego aside can feel like death, like the person is going away.

The ego does not die. It learns it’s proper roll, like a horse which is properly “broken” to ride. It’s spirit is not broken. It learns to serve, and to be served.

The person you most despise reveals your shadow personality. Observe him or her carefully. By recognizing your other self, you remove it’s power over you. When not consciously recognized as a valuable part of you, your shadow side unconsciously causes you to say and do what your ego would not.

Unconscious words and actions are only recognized in retrospect.

Our shadow contains positive characteristics as well as rejected conditions of personality. Our shadow side contains strength needed by ego.

Consider: what do I admire about a shadow image, whether experienced in another person or in a dream personality?

I dreamed of Darth Vader as a shadow personality. What did I admire about this heartless killer? He had total self confidence. I need that.

You need not, should not, act out the dark inclinations of your shadow personality in order to recognize it’s…



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