Rip Parker
2 min readNov 19, 2023


The finite cannot comprehend the infinite. We contain that which we cannot comprehend. We ARE that which we cannot comprehend. We are Divine.

The Source had one source of “stuff” from which to construct the Universe — itself.

In full pantheistic mode, everything that is is composed of the Divine.

So, more than “containers”, we ARE the Divine in particular form, the form chosen by the Creator.

Our personal duty is to surrender to the All.

Giving thanks is not a duty. It is a blessed way of life.

As suggested by the All, “Be still and know”.

Stillness is quiet. In stillness we feel the Presence, we know the Presence.

We ARE the Presence.

We are beyond our limited knowing. We are All.

With surrender, we gradually awaken to who we are.

We fall into our mystery.

We smile, we laugh, we extoll the Presence as we fall.

We fall into ourselves.

Without understanding, we know.

What we know does not reduce to words.

It speaks in silence, radiating Truth.

As living Mystery, we explore, we search, we discover, we never know it all, even though we are it All.

Our sense of reality is revealed by the Source within, which we are.

As containers of the Divine, there is no room for fear.

There is room only for Love, which is the Divine we are.

We are not yet prepared for full revelation of who we are.

We live in the Eternal Now. “Not yet prepared” merely means our attention is directed to another place in Now. Our perspective changes.

We are to be at ease in our Mystery. It is the great adventure in which no harm can befall us, and to which we are eternally dedicated.

We are more than connected in our adventure. We are One, yet capable of distinguishing marks of individuality as we live the alternate lives for each other.

I am you living an alternate life for you, and vice versa.

We are One in ostensible separate reflections.

If I love you, I love myself. If I love myself, I love you.

From a different perspective, we will set aside our apparent separateness and merge in our deepest reality, the Eternal Source, the One.

As One, we discover all we have learned in our apparent separateness, and are greatful for the adventure we have given our selves, our Self.

We are eternal, with endless adventures and learning awaiting our choice of perspective in Now.

Let us enjoy Being, in whatever form we chose. Creation is endless.



Rip Parker

Geophysicist, lawyer, mediator, student of Jung, phenomenology, semiotics